Coffee Backpack

Our main goal is to provide quality in our services. The cooperation with all our suppliers and clients enables us to guarantee the best quality results. We subject the coffee backpack service offered to a strict monitoring by the engineering department, and expect our staff, team managers, and supervisors to carry out the work schedule to guarantee a higher quality of service. The work organization is and continues to be one of our greatest instruments, which permits us to provide a high standard and quality assurance.

From our very first service we have been represented in tours, concerts and first festivities, as well as in the most important venues of the country. has been present in big national events from the year 1996.
Our own experience and the reliability of our customers demonstrate that Rocketpacks, is perfectly capable of satisfying the hotel administration of any type of event, with a great variety of own resolutions and thanks to the creative team's effort in constant fight to better everything possible.

We have a staff that is prepared to manage, assemble and furnish the bars of your shows as you wish. We specialize in various thematic bars specialized in different products: beer, cocktail parties, etc.. All in the style of the show itself, well equipped to deliver the drinks selected by the promoters as fast and as comfortable as possible for the visitors.

The gravity backpack is a low cost opportunity to the Rocketpacks for the dispensing of warm or cold non-carbonated coffee. Similarly, the optional fullflow dispensing gun assembly is perfectly suited for high viscosity coffeee such as orange juice and soup.

The gravity coffee backpack is portable, coffee advertising machine that can be comfortably worn, allowing the wearer to serve up to 3 gallons of coffee, consistent with load, literally anywhere thirsty people collect.

Further, the Rocketpacks gives the ability to promote your product through a custom made, excessive-visibility photos advertising and marketing panel that suits on to the aspect of the coffee backpack. The panel lets in for advertising and marketing pics.