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  • Our main objective is to provide quality services.
  • Working together with all our suppliers and customers enables us to guarantee the best quality results!
We like to take care of all the details, always paying attention to lighting, adapting to the resources we have and always looking for the best visual impact at the lowest cost.
  • Since our first service, we have been present at tours, concerts and first parties, as well as at the most important venues in the country. has been present at major national events since 1996.
We also provide different areas so that the general public can sit in different environments: terrace, chill out, tent, nightclub, etc.
  1. We have a staff that is ready to manage, assemble and equip the bars of your shows according to your wishes.
  2. We specialise in different themed bars with different products: beer, cocktail parties, etc.
  3. All in the style of the show itself, well equipped to serve the drinks chosen by the promoters as quickly and as comfortably as possible for the visitors.
We've been in business for over two decades and do business in over 60 countries worldwide.
  • The Gravity Backpack is a low-cost alternative to the Rocketpacks for dispensing hot or cold coffee.
  • Similarly, the optional full flow gun assembly is perfect for high viscosity coffee such as mulled wine or soup.
Now you don't have to wait for people to come back to you.

The Gravity Coffee Backpack is a portable, comfortably wearable coffee vending machine that allows the wearer to serve up to 3 gallons of coffee, depending on the load, literally anywhere thirsty people congregate.

Stay away from the queues and make real use of them to get your goods out to your customers.

Work organisation is, and will remain, one of our most important tools for ensuring high standards and quality.

Perfect for events and promotions! Customize the Beverage Backpack with your logo or message, turning it into a walking billboard that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impression. Perfect for events and promotions! Customize the Beverage Backpack with your logo or message, turning it into a walking billboard that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impression.

Die werbewirksame Dekoration kann mit Hilfe von Papiereinlegern hinter dem Folienfenster auf einfache Art und Weise vor Ort vorgenommen werden.

  • Are you looking for a mobile coffee solution, espresso bar, coffee cart, coffee mobile or barista?
  • We offer world-wide  Rocketpacks backpacks coffee catering for your event.
They have the knowledge and expertise. Your goal is to share that knowledge with those who can turn casual visitors into loyal customers. The first step is to identify what your target audience is interested in. Find the right coffee topics to engage your clientele and use their most common communication channels in Luiswille to pique their interest.
  1. We specialise in mobile coffee backpacks. 
  2. Whether for a trade fair or an event,  we have individual and creative solutions to suit your event. 
  3. The quality of the accessories...
  4. Rocketpacks stands for professional events.
You know your coffee market well and hopefully you know the types of customers you have. Let them know that Rocketpacks exist and that you're here to help. Start by plugging your own holes and making a list of things that have worked well.
  • Rocketpacks also gives you the opportunity to promote your product through a custom made, high visibility photo advertising and marketing panel that fits on the aspect of the coffee backpack.
  • The panel allows for advertising and marketing images.
We can advise you. Develop your coffee brand and guide you every step of the way. Even work on recipes. What we can't do is find you a producer and a bottler. Rocketpacks specialises in target-group-oriented marketing, i.e. the full range of possibilities from brand development to online and print advertising for your product.
  • You have an important event coming up and you want to offer your guests  something special?
  • The professionally prepared specialties from the mobile coffee solutions of Rocketpacks provide for delicious coffee enjoyment…

Mobile Coffee Hawker Backpack Video

Our own experience and the reliability of our customers show that Rocketpacks is perfectly able to satisfy the hotel management of any type of event, thanks to a great variety of its own solutions and the effort of the creative team in a constant fight to improve everything possible.

Person tests coffee with Coffee Backpack?

We subject the Coffee Backpack service offered to strict monitoring by the technical department and expect our employees, team leaders and supervisors to carry out the work plan in order to guarantee a higher quality of service.

Abwaschbare Wetterbesändige Rucksackmaterial aus LKW Plane
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material!
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!
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