Backpack Beer Dispenser

5 - 10 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 30 litre version. The systems allow maximum flexibility in the area of mobile beverage sales.

The mobile, professional backpack beer dispensing systems are an innovative step in the field of mobile sales!

Rocket Packs are ergonomically designed and meet all legal and hygienic requirements.

The Rocketpacks is a revolutionary, patented, portable, beverage advertising and marketing gadget that may be without difficulty worn, permitting the wearer to serve up to three gallons of beverage, consistent with load, actually everywhere for carnation warm cocoaty people collect.

The Backpack beer dispenser also can be used to dispense warm or cold non-carbonated beverages, even though the Rocketpacks gravitypack is more frequently the fine solution for non-carbonated beverages.

Similarly, the Rocketpacks gives the ability to promote your product thru a custom made, excessive visibility pics advertising and marketing panel that suits to the facet of the backpack. The panel permits for advertising snap shots of approximately 24" wide by means of 18" high.