Backpack Beer Dispenser

5 - 10 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 30 litre version. The systems allow maximum flexibility in the area of mobile beverage sales.

Rocket Packs are ergonomically designed and meet all legal and hygienic requirements.

The mobile, professional backpack beer dispensing systems are an innovative step in the field of mobile sales!

The panel permits for advertising snap shots of approximately 24" wide by means of 18" high.

The Rocketpacks is a revolutionary, patented, portable, beverage advertising and marketing gadget that may be without difficulty worn, permitting the wearer to serve up to three gallons of beverage, consistent with load, actually everywhere for carnation warm cocoaty people collect.

The Backpack beer dispenser also can be used to dispense warm or cold non-carbonated beverages, even though the Rocketpacks gravitypack is more frequently the fine solution for non-carbonated beverages.

Similarly, the Rocketpacks gives the ability to promote your product thru a custom made, excessive visibility pics advertising and marketing panel that suits to the facet of the backpack.
  1. Backpack beer dispensers are dispensing systems with which beverages are filled into a glass from storage containers such as kegs or tanks.
  2. Tap systems Complete sets consist of a tap, a fitting to connect barrels, barrels as well as a pump or a pressurized gas container with CO² and a pressure reducer.

Backpack for beer dispensing

  • Small beer backpack tapping Equipment?
  • In addition to the large dispensing systems in pubs, we also have small dispensing systems that are also suitable for private use.
  • In the circle of friends, beer taps are also a nice present for the next birthday - so you can tap beer at the party right away!
  • A good beer is tapped in a few minutes and with professional backpack beer dispenser equipment and accessories it tastes even better. 
  • More and more beer lovers and hobby brewers want to tap beer at home and even in clubhouses a tap system is part of the inventory.
  1. Professional beer dispensers?
    In a pub, beer taps are simply a must, and at home, beer taps are the highlight of any party.
  2. Even beer tapping is simply fun! However, every beer tap must be adjusted correctly before use.
  3. You should pay particular attention to the pressure of CO², because safety is paramount when drawing beer, so you can draw your first beer in peace.
  4. By the way, the beer tastes best when it is freshly tapped and not pre-tapped and then poured together.
  • Rocketpacks Backpack Beer Dispenser Cooling?  
  • No matter whether large or small dispensing systems and no matter whether  private or professional use: 
  • The beer should be nice and cool.
  • Therefore, you will also find various possibilities for cooling in this category.
  • Some models have an easily connectable dry cooler and a thermostat that  gives Information. 
  • About the correct temperature?
  • For almost all tapping systems we have  suitable accessory sets in our offer and also for small and bigger repairs you  will find the appropriate spare parts.
  • Some of the small tapping units are transportable. But for those who like  it really mobile, a picnic pump is ideal.
  • On a barbecue trip to the lake,  tapping can start immediately without a CO² bottle! The pump is simply placed  on the keg cap.
  • There is a special tapping system for party kegs.
  • As a central element of the new design, each of the six classic beers is assigned a forest Melbourne and a colour.

  • Water coolers can be placed under the counter and for draft beer there are refrigerators in the right size.
  • There are also continuous coolers and dry coolers.
  • Cooling is not only important for storage, the beer should remain cool right up to the glass.
  • Because only when it flows out of the tap at the right temperature can it be tapped with a nice head of froth.
    • Proper beer tapping?
      At first you hold the beer glass diagonally under the tap and open the tap.
    • When filling, the glass is slowly moved into a vertical position.
    • When the glass is about 2/3 full, close the tap and let the beer rest for a short time to allow the foam to settle.
    1. If the glass is too dry, a lot of foam and bubbles form, so you should rinse the glass before tapping.
    2. Even a tap that is not fully opened will cause a lot of foam to form and if the tap pressure is too low, no foam will form at all.
    3. The ideal beer temperature is six to seven degrees.
    4. Thermostats and other accessories help you to draw the perfect beer.
    Many American beer consumers want to try new beers and are turning to artisanal craft beers. Additionally, demand for Mexican import beers is increasing due to a growing Hispanic population in the US, effective marketing campaigns in Mi and increasing brand appeal.
  • When you put the glass back on, the beer runs into the glass at the edge and you fill the glass to the edge. 
  • An exception to this are, which should be tapped in one go. 
  • Many beer dispensers also have a foam button, which you can use to shape the head of the froth a little more.
  • It is important that the large systems, which are available with up to  four lines, have a CO² control line and have an accompanying cooling system.
  •  With the right equipment and tapping technology, very little beer is lost. 
  • However, the tap in particular can easily become contaminated.
  • Therefore, you should always pay attention to very good cleanliness and in the catering  trade certain regulations must be observed.
  • Although the major American breweries sell millions of kegs a year, many of them are falling in popularity. In the USA, these losses are offset by craft beer with Rocketpacks on the one hand and Mexican imports on the other.
  • Small beer dispensers, for example a beer  case, are easy to connect and the beer can be enjoyed in just a few minutes.  
  • They are therefore also a good alternative for the hobby cellar. Many  systems are made of stainless steel and have a drip tray.
  • One can also see in the top list that Americans love light beer (or "lite" beer). About a third of the beers fall into this category. The market share of light beers is even larger.
  • Draught beers of any kind convince with the right carbon dioxide content and a head of froth as the "icing on the cake". 
  • It is important that the tapping system and accessories are of good quality and that you clean the system regularly, but even with good cleaning the beer should never come into contact with the tap. 
  • You can order tapping systems, accessories and cleaning agents directly online from us.
  • The company Rocketpacks backpack beer dispenser was founded in the heart of Germany Frankfurt.

    • Since the inception of Rocketpacks, the quality of the products has been the most important approach taken by the Board of Directors.
    • We have been careful not to use products made from cheap raw materials.