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Beer backpack is the most convincing proof that God loves man and wants to see him happy.
  • 5 - 10 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 30 litre version.
  • The systems offer maximum flexibility for mobile vending.
The beer backpack is based on a historic machine from the turn of the century. It rings naturally when the lever is pressed. How do you tap beer properly?

Rocket Packs have an ergonomic design and are fully compliant with all legislation and hygiene requirements.

We offer a variety of different beer backpacks so you can customise your bar the best way possible!

The mobile, professional backpack beer dispensing systems are an innovative step in the field of mobile sales!

Rocketpacks is the most portable system of its kind. It's been formally tested and approved by major drinks companies.

The panel allows for advertising snapshots of approximately 24" in width by 18" in height.

Rocketpacks are the right choice for cold carbonated liquids, as well as beer and lager.

The Rocketpacks is a revolutionary, patented, portable, beverage advertising and marketing gadget that can be worn without difficulty, allowing the wearer to serve up to three gallons of beverage, consistent with load, virtually anywhere for carnation warm cocoaty people collect.

The Backpack can also be used to dispense hot or cold non-carbonated beverages. However, Rocketpack's Gravitypack is often the better solution for non-carbonated beverages.

The Backpack beer dispenser can also be used to dispense hot or cold non-carbonated beverages, although the Rocketpacks Gravitypack is more often the solution for non-carbonated beverages.

Perfect for events and promotions! Customize the Beverage Backpack with your logo or message, turning it into a walking billboard that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impression. Perfect for events and promotions! Customize the Beverage Backpack with your logo or message, turning it into a walking billboard that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impression.

Die werbewirksame Dekoration kann mit Hilfe von Papiereinlegern hinter dem Folienfenster auf einfache Art und Weise vor Ort vorgenommen werden.

Backpack Stadium Beer Hawking, Similarly, the Rocketpacks gives the ability to promote your product thru a custom made, excessive visibility pics advertising and marketing panel that fits the facet of the backpack.
  • Backpack beer dispensers are dispensing systems that fill beverages into a glass from storage containers such as kegs or tanks.
  • Complete keg dispenser kits consist of a keg dispenser, a keg connector, a keg and a pump or pressurised gas cylinder with CO² and a pressure reducer.

Backpack Beer Dispenser Video

Small backpack beer dispensers? As well as large beer dispensers for the pub, we also have small beer dispensers for the home. For friends, beer dispensers make a great birthday present - so you can serve beer right at the party.
Rocketpacks Beervendors Unconventional and modern, our Rocketpacks offer just the right combination of elegant aesthetics and ease of use. For trendsetters who want to stand out. A wide range of accessories is available to give your brand a unique expression and attract customer attention.
  • A good beer is tapped in a few minutes and with professional backpack beer dispenser equipment and accessories it tastes even better. 
  • More and more beer lovers and home brewers want to be able to tap their own beer at home, and even in the club house a beer tap system is part of the equipment.
  1. Professional beer dispensers?
  2. ​In a pub, beer taps are a must, and at home, beer taps are the highlight of any party.
  3. Tapping beer is fun too! However, every beer tap needs to be set up correctly before use.
  4. You should pay particular attention to the pressure of the CO2, because safety is paramount when tapping beer, so you can enjoy your first beer in peace.
  5. Beer tastes best when it is freshly tapped, not pre-tapped and then poured together.
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  • Rocketpacks Backpack Beer Dispenser Cooling?  
  • No matter whether large or small dispensing systems and no matter whether  private or professional use: 
  • The beer should be nice and cool.
  • Therefore, you will also find various possibilities for cooling in this category.
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  1. Some models have an easy-to-connect dry cooler and a thermostat that provides information. 
  2. About the right temperature?
  3. We have accessory kits for almost all our dispensers and spare parts for minor and major repairs.
  4. Some of the small dispensers are portable.
  5. But for those who like it really mobile, a picnic pump is ideal.
  6. On a barbecue trip to the lake, you can start tapping immediately without a CO² bottle!
  7. The pump simply attaches to the top of the keg.
  8. A special tapping system is available for party kegs.
At the heart of the new design is a Melbourne forest and colour for each of the six classic beers.
  • Water coolers can be placed under the counter and there are fridges of the right size for draught beer.
  • There are also continuous coolers and dry coolers.
  • Cooling is not only important for storage, but also for keeping the beer cool all the way to the glass.
  • Only when it comes out of the tap at the right temperature can it be tapped with a nice head.
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  • If the glass is too dry, a lot of foam and bubbles will form, so rinse the glass before tapping.
  • Even a tap that is not fully open will produce a lot of foam, and if the tap pressure is too low, no foam will form at all.
  • The ideal beer temperature is between six and seven degrees.
  • Thermostats and other accessories will help you get the perfect beer.
Many American beer consumers are looking to try new beers and are turning to artisanal craft beers. In addition, demand for imported Mexican beers is growing due to the growing Hispanic population in the US, effective marketing campaigns in Miami and increasing brand appeal.
  • When you replace the glass, the beer will run into the glass at the rim and you will fill the glass to the rim. 
  • Exceptions are beers that should be poured in one go. 
  • Many beer dispensers also have a foam button that you can use to give the head a bit more shape.
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  • It is important that the large systems, which are available with up to four lines, have a CO² control line and associated cooling system.
  •  With the right equipment and tap technology, very little beer is lost. 
  • However, the tap can easily become contaminated.
  • For this reason, cleanliness must be maintained at all times and certain regulations must be observed in the catering industry.
Although the big American breweries sell millions of barrels a year, many of them are losing popularity. In the US, these losses are being offset by craft beer in rocket packs and Mexican imports.
  • Small beer dispensers, such as a beer crate, are easy to connect and beer can be enjoyed in just a few minutes.  
  • They are also a good alternative for the hobby cellar. Many systems are made of stainless steel and have a drip tray.
You can also see from the top list that Americans love light (or "lite") beer. About a third of beers fall into this category. The market share of lite beers is even higher.
  • Draft beers of all kinds are delicious with just the right amount of carbonation and a head of foam as the icing on the cake. 
  • It is important that the dispensing system and accessories are of good quality and that you clean the system regularly, but even with good cleaning the beer should never come into contact with the tap. 
  • You can order keg couplers, accessories and cleaners directly from us online.

The company Rocketpacks backpack beer dispenser was founded in the heart of Germany Frankfurt.

  • Since the beginning of Rocketpacks, the quality of the products has been the most important approach of the Board of Directors.
  • We have been careful not to use products made from cheap raw materials.
It's always important to check local laws and regulations before using a backpack beer dispenser in a public setting.
  • Backpack beer dispenser is a device that allows you to carry and dispense beer directly from a backpack.
  • It typically consists of a backpack with a built-in beer keg and a dispensing system that allows you to pour beer through a tap or a nozzle.
  • The backpack beer dispenser is often used for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, tailgating, and outdoor parties.
  • It allows you to bring a large quantity of beer with you without the need for a bulky cooler or heavy keg.
  • Some backpack beer dispensers even come with built-in cooling systems to keep the beer at a desired temperature.
  • However, it's important to note that using a backpack beer dispenser in public areas or where alcohol is prohibited may result in legal consequences.

Abwaschbare Wetterbesändige Rucksackmaterial aus LKW Plane
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material!
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!