Backpack Coffee Dispenser

The ultimate mobile backpack coffee dispenser for professional beverage applications!

With this equipment, no additional printing accessories are necessary for dispensing coffee. They are emptied by gravity (natural gradient).

Delivery incl. Gastro apron with three pockets, for purse, service accessories and others.

Rocketpacks backpack coffee dispenser systems encompass the only the Coffee Backpack systems that have been formally tested and approved by the Fundamental beverage businesses to be used within the foodservice and concession Industries.

Qualitative materials and the unique manufacturing procedure of the coffee backpack keep the total weight of the mobile dispensing system as low as possible while significantly increasing the available space for your logo.

It offers maximum mobility to bring a new coffee product to the customer in any location. Rocket Packs is an exquisite system for sellers who want a high-quality professional solution with absolute mobility that significantly boosts coffee distribution.