Backpack Beverage Dispenser

To make certain that your message is well communicated, the device is exactly tailored to such applications. A highly practical and at the same the same time extremely robust technique combines optimally thought-out detail solutions with each other.

Cans & Bottles: Beverage backpack - for Cans and Bottles
Thermoinsulated backpack for bottles and cans, excluding any active cooling. Easy-to-use and quick to use - a cost-effective complement to expand sales volume at major venues.

The Rocketpacks backpack beverage dispenser provides a high functionality and comfort. Height and width settings are adjustable. This enables the equipment to be optimally adapted to the user.

The same old backpack unit consists of a backpack shell/harness, a 3-gallon insulated beverage productank, a shelling out tap assembly and cash/cup belt. Rocketpacks gives a complete line of aid system and will be satisfied to discuss your precise merchandising necessities whether or not you are thinking about the acquisition of one or many gravitybackpack units.

Temperature retention: Latest insulation of the productank and shell offer advanced overall performance. Ergonomically designed: Eighty of weight of the backpack is sent to the froth hip belt. Load stabilizer straps shift backpack to the lower lower back. The backpack beverage dispenser capabilities conical cut hip and lumbar pads for introduced consolation.

The rocketpacks is an revolutionary and interesting system that contains our different backpack structures. In essence, the iis a dispensing system used to dispense food, beverage and consumer merchandise; moreover, the backpack beverage dispenser looks like the product vended using a custom made three dimensional signal.