Backpack Drink Beer Cola Coffee Dispenser

Rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser has been active on the market for 25 years now and has become an important player in the areas of brand activation, catering and event support. Both nationally and internationally.

5 - 10 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 30 Liter Rocketpacks is a full-service service agency for catering, brand activation and advertising, which attaches great importance to quality and creativity. Thanks to its many years of in-depth experience, Rocketpacks is able to offer every client a "tailor-made" brand activation service.

Rocketpacks takes the complete project out of your hands, including communication (or its statements), promotion planning, manufacturing, personnel selection and logistical challenges.

  • Rocketpacks not only specialises in mobile logistics solutions, but also provides several temporary bar fixtures or stands.
  • Designed to meet your particular needs these fixtures are easy to set up and available for rental or sales.
  • The backpack drink dispenser with the well-known banner are indispensable for concerts, festivals and other events.

  • The backpacks can be hired or bought, and your wishes will be fully taken into account when the brand logo is affixed.
  • The Rocketpacks unit includes a backpack shell/harness, a three-gallon insulated beverage productank, a doling out tap meeting, inner regulator assembly, pressure cylinder and cash/cup belt.

    The drink system requires a charging-filling meeting for the particular beverage being used within the Rocketpacks. We offers a full line of guide equipment and might be satisfied to talk about your unique vending requirements whether you are thinking about the purchase of one or many drink system gadgets.

    Ergonomically designed:
    90% of the backpack weight is shipped to the foam hip belt. Load stabilizer straps shift the load of the backpack drink dispenser to the decrease returned. The backpack functions conical cut hip and lumbar pads for delivered comfort.

    • Thanks to his long-standing experience, commitment and innovative strength, Rocketpacks can empathize very well with the target group.
    • This "insider knowledge" makes it necessary to develop an advertising strategy that addresses the right target group.
    • In comparison to other marketing instruments, this is an extremely effective and cost-saving approach.
    • The appearance of the tailor-made concepts, stands, backpacks and employees of Rocketpacks ensures that a unique contact is created between brand, product and target customer.
    • With the help of daring and extraordinary activities, Rocketpacks is capable of reviving trademarks!

    From the initial idea to the final design Rocketpacks backpack drink Dispenser takes care of the entire realisation of the project, from marketing communications (or their statements) to the planning of advertising measures and production, right through to personnel selection and logistics.

  • Here, very various overall strategies can be used: nationwide advertising tours, events, weekly promotions or even a dedicated interactive area at a festival.
  •  This can be done, for example, at exhibitions, fairs, festivals, in malls or on the street.
  • Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispenser

    These mobile backpack drink dispenser are suitable not only for carbonated drinks (beer, refreshments and mixed drinks), but also for non-carbonated drinks (coffee, water and wine) and for hot and cold products, as well as for piece-wrapped articles such as cans, pastries and ice cream.

    Rocketpacks Producer and world market leader in beverage dispensing equipment and solutions, selling its products on all continents.