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Vendor's Hot Drink Backpack in action at the New Year's Eve event in Pittsburgh

Rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser has been active on the market for the past 25 years and has become a major player in the fields of brand activation, catering and the support of events.

Hot Coffee Portable Selling Accessories Miami Beach

5 - 10 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 30 litres Rocketpacks is a full service catering, brand activation and advertising agency with a focus on quality and creativity.

Mobile beverage service at a fireworks display in Los Angeles, Vendor Hot Drink Backpack in action at a New Year's Eve event in Pittsburgh

Rocketpacks takes the entire project out of your hands, including communications (or statements), promotional planning, manufacturing, staffing and logistical challenges.

Brand mobilisation made to measure! Rocketpacks is the ideal partner when it comes to activating a brand within the appropriate target group.

The Rocketpacks unit includes a backpack shell/harness, three gallon insulated beverage product tank, dispensing tap assembly, internal regulator assembly, pressure cylinder and money/cup belt.

This means that in addition to the values and requirements of the brand, the wishes and expectations of the shopper and the target group are also taken into account.

For the specific beverage to be used in the Rocketpacks, the beverage system requires a charge and fill session.

Rocketpacks does not work in a conventional way, but thanks to its many years of practical experience, it is able to offer a "tailor-made" campaign to each and every client.
  • Ergonomically designed?
  • 90% of the pack's weight is transferred to the foam hip belt.
Perfect for events and promotions! Customize the Beverage Backpack with your logo or message, turning it into a walking billboard that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impression. Perfect for events and promotions! Customize the Beverage Backpack with your logo or message, turning it into a walking billboard that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impression.

Die werbewirksame Dekoration kann mit Hilfe von Papiereinlegern hinter dem Folienfenster auf einfache Art und Weise vor Ort vorgenommen werden.

Stadium Beer Team Belgium Fc Brügge Football Game
  • Rocketpacks is able to empathise with its target groWith the help of daring and unusual activities, Rocketpacks is in a position to do brand revival!
  • Rocketpacks is able to empathise with its target group thanks to its many years of experience, commitment and innovative strength.
Hawking mobile marketing rucksack, Using a portable dispensing system on the street is subject to various regulations and laws that may vary depending on the location. In general, licences may be required to serve or sell alcohol in public places and there may also be restrictions on the hours of operation, the types of drinks that can be served and the size of the event. Before using a portable dispensing system on the street, it is recommended that you research and comply with the relevant regulations and laws in your area to avoid any legal issues.

The backpack can be rented or bought, and your wishes will be fully taken into account when the brand logo is applied.

Retailer's backpack for beverage service in shopping post
  • There are many different strategies that can be used?
  • National promotional tours, events, weekly promotions or even a dedicated interactive area at a festival.

Rocketpacks backpack drink Dispenser Video

These mobile drink dispenser are suitable not only for carbonated beverages (beer, soft drinks and mixed drinks), but also for non-carbonated beverages (coffee, water and wine) and for hot and cold beverage products, as well as for piece-packed products such as cans, biscuits and ice cream.

Rocketpacks Global leader in beverage dispensing equipment and solutions, selling products across all continents.

A mobile dispensing system or mobile tap system is a portable dispenser of beverages, typically beer or other beverages, that can be easily moved and set up for events, parties or outdoor activities. The system typically includes a tap, a refrigeration unit to keep the beverages cold, and a means of dispensing the beverages, such as a pump or CO2 system. Venice Beach Los Angeles Point of Sale
  • We offer a full range of leadership equipment and would be happy to discuss your unique vending requirements, whether you are thinking of purchasing one or many beverage system gadgets. 
  • The backpack features tapered hip and lumbar pads for added comfort.
Brand relaunch for award-winning craft beer in the most beautiful beer garden in London.
  • Load stabilising straps shift the load of the rucksack drinks dispenser to the back of the rucksack. 
  • The appearance of Rocketpacks' customised concepts, stands, backpacks and staff ensures a unique connection between brand, product and target customer.
Beverage retail concept for the Big Island of Hawaii
  • This 'insider knowledge' makes it necessary to develop an advertising strategy that targets the right audience.  
  • Compared to other marketing tools, this is a highly effective and cost-saving approach.
  • At exhibitions, fairs, festivals, in shopping centres or on the street?
  • The backpack drink dispensers with the famous banner are indispensable at concerts, festivals and other events.
cola Drink tasting event for pedestrians at the Capitol Building, Washington DC
  • In addition to specializing in mobile logistics solutions, Rocketpacks also offers a variety of temporary bar fixtures or stands. 
  • Designed to meet your specific needs, these fixtures are easy to set up and available for rental or sale.
Mobile sales promotion for the Statue of Liberty, New York

Thanks to its many years of in-depth experience, Rocketpacks is able to offer a "tailor-made" brand activation service to each and every customer.

The Rocketpacks operates with a total capacity of 11 or 19 liters and is particularly economical and cost-efficient!

  • The professional and timeless design makes it a fashionable eye-catcher for any bar, buffet or restaurant.
  • In the container h drinks can be presented in an eye-catching way.
The dispenser mechanism is usually attached to the front of the backpack and can be operated with a hand pump, a lever, or a valve that is activated with a simple push or pull.

From the initial idea to the final design, Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispenser takes care of the entire realisation of the project, from the marketing communication (or its statements), to the planning of promotional activities and production, to the selection of personnel and logistics.

Would you like to publicize your products in the form of a sampling campaign?

  • Rocketpacks Mobile backpack drink dispenser is a type of equipment that allows individuals to serve beverages while being able to move around freely. It typically consists of a backpack-style container that can hold a large quantity of liquid, such as water, juice, or other beverages, and a dispenser mechanism that allows the liquid to be easily poured out into cups or glasses.
  • The backpack portion of the dispenser is typically made of lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester, and may include adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit for the person wearing it.
Drink dispensers are commonly used for serving a variety of beverages, including water, juices, iced tea, lemonade, and other non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks. They are designed to enhance convenience, promote cleanliness, and facilitate the smooth backpack distribution of drinks to a large number of people.
  • Mobile backpack drink dispensers are commonly used by vendors at outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, and sporting events, as well as by servers in restaurants, bars, and other hospitality settings. 
  • They provide a convenient and efficient way to distribute beverages to customers, without the need for a stationary bar or table.
  • It is important to note that the use of mobile backpack drink dispensers may be subject to regulations and permits, depending on the specific location and event. 
  • It is also essential to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained and sanitized to prevent contamination and ensure food safety.
  • Abwaschbare Wetterbesändige Rucksackmaterial aus LKW Plane
    • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material!
    • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!