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Beverage Backpack

Beverage trays are available in two different sizes, perfect for selling any type of food supplement.
  • Mobile sales with beverage backpack? 
  • Rocketpacks offers you a wide range of products and a large number of qualified professionals for public integration and direct sales.
If you need help with your merchandising strategy, Rocketpacks offers practical solutions. The Beverage Backpack comes equipped with state-of-the-art cooling technology. Your drinks stay icy cold for hours, ensuring a refreshing sip whenever you crave it.
  • Rocketpacks dispense all types of drinks (hot, cold...) and promote your company's brands.
  • We also offer the possibility of fully customising them with the logo you wish to present to your partners.
In the same way, we also have a tray for the serving of hot meals. Choose from a range of beverage options! From energizing sports drinks to classic sodas, our backpacks accommodate a variety of thirst-quenching choices.
  • Standardised beverage systems?
  • We have all types of beverage packs for beer, soft drinks or hot beverages.
  • Our Beverage Backpacks are designed to maintain the characteristics of the liquid until it is delivered to the end user.
For example, it looks like a big peanut with superb photos and advanced layout first class.

Rocketpacks representatives are primarily based at some point in their Frankfurt, Germany headquarters and we will direct your name to the right sales representative and ensure that your enquiry is answered promptly.

A team is at the service of an individual idea to reach the general public in the best possible conditions, increasing sales of the product and promoting the image of the desired brand.

The rocketpacks merchandise beverage backpack liquids dispensers, designed to dispense cans or bottles, and warm or bloodless drinks, carbonated or nonetheless.

Perfect for events and promotions! Customize the Beverage Backpack with your logo or message, turning it into a walking billboard that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impression. Perfect for events and promotions! Customize the Beverage Backpack with your logo or message, turning it into a walking billboard that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impression.
  • This is where your logo comes in - we are happy to create templates exclusively for your event and add a touch of branding to our speciality drinks.
  • Your message will go straight to the head - and through the stomach.

Beverage Backpack Video

Passion for beautiful beverage backpack, the use of high quality products, coupled with absolute technical understanding is the guarantee for successful beverage catering! Are you planning a private party, a larger celebration, an in-house exhibition or a trade fair stand and looking for something special? We will be happy to work with you to develop a Rocketpacks beverage catering concept that will fit seamlessly into your exhibition stand or the rest of your event.
  • Hot beverages are almost limitless these days. 
  • Almost everyone knows the classic tulips and hearts poured into milk foam. 
  • Powdered beverage sprinkled over stencils are another creative option.
Creative new developments and ideas in California for all types of beverages. Based on your brief, we develop the appropriate concepts and creative implementation for all brand components and their marketing. The easy-to-use dispensing system allows you to pour a cold drink with just the push of a button. No need to struggle with caps or worry about spills – it's refreshment at your fingertips.
  • Our pioneering and innovative organisation process has produced excellent results in the most important national events. 
  • This bespoke product is made to order and its uses are limited only by your imagination.
Rocketpacks can advise you. Develop your brand and guide you every step of the way. Even work on recipes. What we cannot do is find you a producer and a bottler. We specialise in target group-oriented marketing, i.e. the full range of brand development options.
  • We would be happy to advise you on all the above possibilities and implement your ideas.
  • For us, Rocketpacks beverageman backpack catering offers a unique opportunity to draw your guests' attention to your brand in a moment of relaxation and enjoyment. 

Don't forget the outdoor beverage backpack advertising that advertises the event a few days in advance?

  • But there is more:
  • We find our service so exciting that we want all eyes on you. 
  • If your advertising message, logo or new product is the basis of our presentation, you are guaranteed to be remembered!
  • You can use a backpack beverage dispenser to serve cold drinks in a winter mountain ski area.
  • However, you should make sure that the dispenser is insulated and designed to keep the drinks cold in cold temperatures.
  • Additionally, you should also make sure that the dispenser is designed to be used in a beverage backpack and is lightweight and easy to carry.
Abwaschbare Wetterbesändige Rucksackmaterial aus LKW Plane
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material!
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!

Ditch the Cooler, Embrace Adventure: The Rocketpack Beverage Backpack Keeps You Hydrated

Forget lugging around bulky coolers!

The Rocketpacks Beverage Backpack  is your ultimate hydration companion, designed for adventurers on the move. 

Whether you're hitting the trails, conquering music festivals, or cheering on your favorite team, the Rocketpack beverage backpack keeps your beverages icy cold  ❄️  and you hands-free for fun!

Here's why the Beverage Backpack is your thirst-quenching bestie:

Hydration on the Go: Enjoy refreshing drinks wherever your adventure takes you, without the hassle of coolers or bottles.

Built-in Cooler Compartment: Insulated compartment ensures your drinks stay refreshingly cold for hours, perfect for beating the heat.

Multi-Compartment Design: Stash away snacks, picnic essentials, or even your phone for a complete adventure kit.

Comfortable Carry: Padded straps and breathable materials distribute weight evenly for all-day comfort.

Leakproof and Built to Last: Made with high-quality, durable materials to withstand any adventure you throw its way.

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The Rocketpacks Beverage Backpack is more than just a cooler; it's your partner in exploration!  Order yours today and unlock a world of hands-free refreshment, wherever your thirst takes you!