Beverage Backpack

Mobile sales: Rocketpacks offers you a wide range of products and a wide variety of qualified professionals for public integration and for direct sales. Our pioneering and innovative organization process has produced excellent success in the most important national events.

Standardized Systems: We have all kinds of beverage backpack for beer, soft refreshments or hot beverages. Our beveragebackpacks are engineered to hold the liquid's characteristics untouched until it is supplied to the end purchaser.

We dispense all kinds of products (hot, cold...) and promote your company's brands. We also offer the possibility of totally customising them with the logo you are planning to present to your partners.

The symptoms are easily attached to or removed from the backpack via velcro strips. Any of rocketpacks beverage backpack beveragedispensing systems may be transformed into.This custom designed product is made to reserve and its makes use of are only confined with the aid of your imagination.

Representatives primarily based at some point of ther frankfurt germany headquarters and we will direct your name to the right sales representative and insure that your enquiry is replied to right away.

The rocketpacks merchandise beverage backpack liquids dispensers, designed to dispense cans or bottles, and warm or bloodless drinks, carbonated or nonetheless.