Wie bei allen Produkten optimaler Tragekomfort durch gepolsterte Träger und Hüftgurte
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Can be transformed into a unit capable of up to 2 different varieties 48 (2 x 24 trays of cans or bottles)


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Operation Instruction TwinPack (item # TP3001) Cans Bottles Backpack TwinPack 2 Features Each TwinPack (item # TP3001) has the following features: - Carries up 30 PET bottles or cans 500ml - Serves two flavors - Bottles or cans can be recycled by retaining empties - TwinPack’s orthopedicaly designed backpacks avoids on shoulder and lower back Fitting TwinPack 1. Release fasteners on chest strap and hip belt on front of TwinPack 2. Put on empty TwinPack by sliding arms trough shoulder straps 3. Adjust shoulder straps according to height and comfort 4. Attach hip belt fastener and adjust strap for comfort 5
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Befüllung mit Non-Food-Artikeln wie z. B. Zigaretten, Zeitungen oder Taschentücher.
The cartridge is incredibly easy to refill/stack.
. Attach chest strap fastener and adjust strap for comfort 6. Tuck under excess straps 7. Weight should be on hips and shoulder straps balancing the load 8. Dismount backpack in order to follow loading procedures (All straps should be securely tightened to maximize overall comfort and design) Preparation of Beverage 1. Pre-chill the PET bottles or cans by placing them in a refrigerator or ice tub 2. Once the PET bottles or cans reach the desired serving temperature they are ready to be loaded into the TwinPack Loading 1. For ease of mounting TwinPack on back, place table prior to loading 2. If sign is not attached, lay sign across back of Pak, place clear cover and secure with the Velcro stripping “Carrying Capacity 30 bottles or cans
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Maximizes every part of mobile food vending and gives your customers the ultimate in wow factor
” 3. The 500ml PET bottle is the most widely used item for the TwinPack 4. If use cans/bottles smaller e.g. 330ml you should adjust the chamber device 5. All bottles or cans should face forward in same direction for easy to dispensing 6. Place TwinPack on back according to guidelines under Fitting of TwinPack Serving of Beverage 1. To dispense PET bottles or cans, simply reach for opening on side of TwinPack, grasping the neck of the bottle or can, turning beverage sideway (45 degree angle) and pulling straight out Troubleshooting 1. If needed, adjust hip and shoulder straps to balance the load 2. Weight may be reduced by placing lower quantities of bottles or cans in Pack 3. If sign display becomes misshapen or crushed, insert hand trough slotted opening at base of Pack and smooth out affect areas R o c k e t P a c k  Backpack-Beverage-Systems
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