co2 druckminderer 3
 kaffee tank
 beer pump
Backpack Drink Dispenser
Co2 Druckminderer
Co2 Regulator
N2 Druck-Armatur 1-fach 7bar
Kopfdruck mit Stickstoff
Manuelle Fass-Pumpe
 bier tank flasche
 befüllvorrichtung bier
 befüllvorrichtung premix
 bierkeg co2 flasche
Befüllvorrichtung Bier
Befüllvorrichtung Premix
 cola keg
 co2 druckminderer
 bier keg
 Regelbereich von 0-3 oder 7 bar ist  einstellbar
Kompatibel mit den überall erhältlichen CO²  Flaschen der Soda Sprudelgeräten
CO²  Flasche mit Druckminderer
 bier rucksack
 coffee dispenser
 beer backpack
Bier Rucksack
Stickstoff N2
Bier Umfüllung
Beer Backpack
 getränke rucksack
 drink rucksack pumpe
Premix (Cola) Umfüllung
Bier Pumpe
Befüllung von Zapfarmatur
Drink Rucksack Pumpe
 gravity tank
 beverage backpack
 keggy rucksack
 coca cola ventil
Keggy Rucksack
 co2 kapsel druckminderer
 beverage tank co2
 co2 bottle
Co 2 Kapsel Druckminderer
Beverage Tank
Co 2 Flasche
 keg rucksack
 keg backpack
Co 2 Kapsel Druckminderer
Keg Rucksack
Keg Backpack
getränke kühler
 mobile kompressor
Getränke Durchlaufkühler
Mobile Kompressor
Rocketpacks Getänkepumpe
 steckkupplung gas
 steckkupplung bier
Getränke Schankanlage
Steckkupplung Gas
Steckkupplung Gas
 zapf hahn
 zapf pistole
 co2 mini druckminderer
 co2 kapsel
 drink rucksack fahne
Co2 Minidruckmindedrer
Co 2 Kapsel
Drink Rucksack Fahne
The backpack drink dispenser is a mobile backpack drinks dispenser with two main uses: 

Promotions sampling drinks  Operations increase sales It has been widely and successfully used by many companies, brands and individuals throughout the world for both of these purposes.

The internal stainless steel beverage tank has a typical capacity of up to 11.5 litres and is pressurised with a small compressor. Uses: Coffee Tea Beer/Lager/Cider Sparkling drinks  Fruit Juices  Milk and Milkshakes Mineral Water  Hot Chocolate Soup In fact any hot or cold carbonated or still drinks.

They have even been successfully used to spray mist at raves, to dispense suntan cream, äs well äs for sauce and gravy promotions. Features: Integral, ergonomic, lightweight frame for back support and operator comfort  Very high level of insulation  keeps drinks served at correct temperature for up to 3 hours.

  Fully adjustable, padded hip and shoulder Straps Comes with detachable cup dispenser which takes all usual disposable cups  For maximum impact it has a large, removable, transparent branding cover up to 87 cm x 45 cm.

  Can be operated left or right handed.

  Has clips on shoulder Straps to take optional forward facing serving pouch backpack drink dispenser  Easy to operate and clean Can be used partially filled if required  Insulated hose and trigger assembly for temperature retention